What is SFP?

The Society of Future Physicians is an undergraduate Honors student organization at UIC dedicated to informing our members about all there is to being a pre-medical student. Our topics range to cover issues like: Medical School matriculation, divisions and specialties, current “hot topics” in the medical field, volunteering opportunities, surgery viewings, leadership positions, and community involvement opportunities.

What are the membership requirements?

  1. (1) Lecture events – occur at least once a week. 
  2. (1) Volunteer Event – occur at least once every two weeks. Information is sent out via our Listserv, which is why it is important to register!
  3. (2) Event of Choice - Just like it sounds. You can mix and match and repeat your favorite sort of event. This year, 2 fundraising events will count as 1 event of choice credit.
  4. ALL general body meetings. Required events, and a good idea for you to stay up-to-date. Here you will be given pertinent information as well as be present for important announcements. Those who cannot attend GBMs due to class or work obligations must make this known to the Executive Board. You will be asked to complete one additional membership event for every GBM you cannot attend!
  5. 2 FRC Credits will equal 1 Event of Choice Credit. This means that when you volunteer to both bake and volunteer at the sales table of an SFP bake sale, you will complete one event of choice for the year.

    Who can join SFP?

    Being an Honors student organization, SFP requires that all members be a part of UIC’s Honors College. Beyond this there is no limitation to membership—everyone and anyone who is considering a career as a physician regardless of major and/or intended aspirations in medicine is welcome to join. We have a diverse group of members from many majors and academic backgrounds, all bonded by the love of medicine.

    What will I gain from joining SFP?

    These are just the major events, but our activities are certainly not limited to these:

    • Volunteering – We work in the Pediatric Unit at the University of Illinois Medical Center. These events usually include holiday-themed parties
    • Surgery Viewings – Many of our affiliated surgeons allow us to spend the day with them in the operating room. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with established physicians.
    • Lectures – Physicians of different specialties come and speak to us regarding current events in medicine – this will help you get an idea of what you might want to specialize in once you graduate medical school.
    • MCAT Practice Tests – our affiliates at Kaplan Test Prep offer practice MCATs for free at various times during the school year. Also, SFP members are guaranteed a discount off the price of the MCAT Practice courses.
    • Social Events – Get to know your fellow Pre-Meds by coming out one of our socials. These are informal get-togethers wherein snack and drinks are served. Every once in a while, we’ll do a themed social—just to break the monotony of the curricula.
    • Medical School Tours – We tour the UIC Medical School as well as other medical schools in Chicago.

    What is an event?

    Unfortunately, while we have tried to come up with a definition for what is an event, we cannot state exactly what an event is. What will or will not be considered an event will be left up to the Executive Board to decide. However, we have come up with a list as to what is NOT an event.

    The following SFP-sponsored activities will NOT be considered events:

    • Induction Ceremony
    • Individual Surgery Viewings
    • General Body Meetings**
    • Community Hospital Education Programs

    **While you are required to attend General Body meetings, they do not count as events.

    On every e-mail that we send out through the listserv, we will list whether the activity will qualify as an event or not. Possible SFP activities counted as events include participation in the following:

    • Lectures
    • Organized Social Events
    • Runs/Walks
    • Pediatric Ward Sponsored Activities
    • Medical School Tours

    Note: This series of lectures and are activities are designed to benefit you. As such, it is to your advantage to tray and attend as many of our events as possible. This year we are trying to emphasize more cohesion between the organization’s members as well as develop more fulfilling relations with health professionals and student organizations on the West side of campus.

    How will attendance be taken?

    All events will have a member checking in other members on a Sign-In sheet. Sign-In sheet can only be found at the Event and only those names on the Sign-In sheet will be given credit for the event.