Blogging/SFP Journal Committee

Head: Adil Siddique

Do you want to tell the rest of SFP about your experiences or share ideas? Join the Blogging Committee! This is our first year and would like to establish SFP's very own journal. This can be a great way for medical schools to recognize your interest in medicine!

Apply Now! Applications will be accepted until spots are filled.

Health Education Program

Head: Saavan Patel

HEP is a committee that goes out and teaches fundamental health classes to CPS students who do not have Health Classes in their schools. It is a very rewarding experience in that you are able to go out and give back to the community, but it is also beneficial to you in helping you with presentational and public speaking skills! If this is something you are good at, or would like to work on, I strongly recommend joining HEP! And as an added bonus, your full involvement in HEP gives you all the required credits you need to remain in SFP! If you are interested in joining, or even just getting more information about what we do, please email me at the email listed below:

Social Outreach Program

Head: Joe Martino

Consider joining SFP's Social Outreach Program (SOP) where we spend the year developing a hands-on project to address a local health issue! In the past, our projects have included a web application to help community college students acquire healthcare and a website to help homeless youth find the resources they need. Future projects do not have to be web-based and can address any local health-related issue. Any and all SFP members are welcome, and joining SOP will cover all of your SFP required credits with the exception of GBMs! If interested, please email Joe Martino at

Fundraising Committee

Raise money for the community and help improve the conditions of the community around you!

Head: Priya Thakkar, Fundraising Chair


Social Committee

Organize events for members and have lot of fun! In the social committee you will be organizing Halloween Night, Holiday events, and CPR courses, etc.

Head: Joseph Davis, Social Chair:


Physician Lecture Committee

Head: Atif Siddiqui

Here you will find a variety of volunteering opportunities. If you have any questions, or need help finding an activity, contact Atif Siddiqui (

The Physician Lecture Committee will help plan physician lectures throughout the semester for fellow SFP members and the Honors College. The committee serves as the liaison between the Physicians and the Society of Future Physicians. Committee members will have the opportunity to contact and make connections with physicians and department heads in the hospital and at the college of medicine. In addition, members will develop great leadership, organization, and communication skills by contacting professionals and planning lectures.

Volunteer Committee

Give back! Create events for members to contribute and be a powerful part of the community around you.

Volunteer Chair: Arthi Krishna

Members: Apply Now for the Volunteering Committee!

Clinical Committee

Get in contact with Physicians and create clinical opportunities for members!

Clinical Chair (Head): Gelli Ayala