Constitution of the Society of Future Physicians 2016-2017

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be The Society of Future Physicians.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage, educate, and expose its members to the discipline of medicine. It shall promote its members’ excellence in their premedical curriculum.

Article III: Membership Requirements

Section 1: Membership shall be limited to students of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Section 2: All requirements must meet the Board of Trustees’ policies regarding nondiscrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, orientation, or national origin.

Section 3: Eligibility requirements for new membership

  • Member of the Honors College.

  • Satisfactory completion of The Society of Future Physicians Application as approved by the Executive Board.

  • Questionable applications will be reviewed by the Executive Board and may be denied membership by a majority vote.

  • Membership fee of $20.00 for the year

Section 4: Requirements to continue membership

  • Membership in the Honors College

  • The completion of four events per semester as decided by the Executive Board or one semester-long project as will be decided by the Executive Board. The Executive Board determines the satisfactory completion of all events.

  • Attendance at all General Body Meetings as specified at the beginning of the semester. An Executive Board member must excuse non-attendance PRIOR to the meeting.

  • One excused GBM absence is allotted to a member per year with executive board approval prior to the GBM. Each additional board-approved GBM absence must be made up with another event.  

  • Those who fail to complete the above requirements may be placed on probation or dismissed (Article VI, Section 4). Members who are dismissed will not be allowed to reapply until the start of the next academic year.

  • If a student is no longer a member of the Honors College and wishes to remain a part of SFP, they may petition to do so with board approval.

Section 5: Events &  Credits

  • Events must be organized by SFP unless otherwise noted in order to count as a credit for members. The board may decide to partner with another organization (inside or outside the university) to plan an event for SFP credit, about which members will be notified via the announcements.

  • Long-term hospital volunteering, volunteering with other student organizations, and research will not be counted towards SFP event credits.

  • Members may attend up to 1 outside lecture per semester in order to receive an Event of Choice credit by filling out a Lecture Event form. The Lecture Credit must be completed with an SFP hosted lecture.

  • If a member is unable to attend an event to which he or she RSVP’d, it will be his or her responsibility to notify the appropriate party in a timely manner before a set deadline specific to each event.

  • Failure to attend an event for which a member is signed up without prior notification will result in a penalty of 1 additional event of choice credit.

Section 5: Dues

  • A yearly due of $20 is required by all member

  • The treasurer will use an online system to collect dues and keep track of which members have paid.

Section 6: Expulsion of members will occur if a majority of the Executive Board votes for his/her expulsion. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements is grounds for loss of membership.

Section 7: In the case of a graduating senior, he/she may continue or reapply for membership in The Society of Future Physicians.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1: This organization shall have a minimum of four officers; these officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. New chair positions and/or ad hoc chair positions will be added or removed as necessary. The positions shall comprise the Executive Board.

Section 2: Each term of office shall be the Fall and Spring semesters of one academic year.

Section 3: Duties of Office

  • President – The President of The Society of Future Physicians calls to order and presides over all meetings, and is the official representative of the organization. He or She will co-direct the responsibilities of the other officers. He or She will also have access to the Chicago Organizational Fund (COF) at the Marshfield Building and any outside organizational accounts.

  • Vice President – The Vice President of the Society presides over meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President will organize and spearhead the Community Health Initiative Festival (CHI-FEST) in conjunction with other pre-medical organizations on campus.

  • Secretary – The Secretary maintains the general files and records, including member tracking, and the contact list. The Secretary will also take minutes and attendance at the board meetings. The secretary will also maintain the SFP Alumni Association Directory.

  • Treasurer – The Treasurer will be in charge of managing all of the financial transactions that take place within the organization. He or She will have to keep records of all receipts, membership dues, petty cash, and other financial transactions. The Treasurer has primary access to all Society of Future Physicians accounts (the Chicago Organizational Fund – COF – at the Marshfield Building and any outside organization accounts) and is responsible for depositing and withdrawing all monies in the account(s). The Treasurer will also handle scholarships and work with test preparation companies to get discounts, etc.

  • Volunteering Chair – The Volunteering Chair will be responsible for arranging volunteering opportunities throughout the year for the organization. In addition, this Chairperson will be responsible for all SFP-sponsored volunteering activities.

  • Health Education Program Chair – The Health Education Program Chair will preside over the Health Education Program Committee. The HEP Chair will work in conjunction with Chicago schools to educate youth on various health related topics.

  • Social Outreach Program Chair – The Social Outreach Program Chair will preside over the Social Outreach Program Committee, which addresses current health issues or concerns that affect local and global communities.

  • Social Chair - The social chair will be responsible for organizing various events throughout the semester for SFP members to help encourage members to get to know one another and make new connections within the organization. The social chair will work with the help of committee members to put on several events throughout each semester.

  • Clinical Experience Chair - The clinical experience chair will be responsible for searching for and obtaining access to various resources that allow members to gain an insight into clinical medicine, such as physician shadow opportunities.

  • Physician Lecture Chair - The physician lecture chair will work with a committee to recruit physicians and medical students to give lectures or discussions on various topics in health care and related to the medical field.

  • Fundraising Chair - The fundraising chair will be responsible for working with a committee to provide several fundraising events throughout the semester that will either contribute to SFP funds for scholarships, etc., or to raise funds that will be donated to a charity/cause of the committee’s choosing.

  • Webmaster – The Webmaster of the Society will be responsible for maintaining the SFP Web site as well as posting important documents and dates on the Society’s online calendar to keep members informed. Any issues with the Web site will be his/her job to fix and it is expected that these tasks be completed in a timely manner.

Section 4: In the event that an SFP member offers unique skills to the organization, that member may be appointed an ad hoc position.

Section 5: All Executive Board members are responsible for creating, organizing, and participating in all events in order to promote the goals of this organization.

Section 7: Removal of an Executive Board member will be decided upon by a unanimous vote of the other members of the Executive Board.

Section 8: In the event that one of the elected officers is unable to hold his/her position, each subsequent officer will be offered the position in the following order: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Volunteer Chairperson, and Activities Chairperson. Each board member will have the right to either retain their current position or accept the vacated position. Any remaining vacated seats shall be offered to the General Body members through an application process determined by the Executive Board.

Article V: Executive Board Selection

Section 1: Selection of all executive board officers shall be held during weeks 12-14 of the Spring Semester.

Section 2: Information about joining executive board will be sent out to all members of the organization. All personal statements will be made available to the members of the organization via the Society of Future Physicians’ website.

Section 3: Eligibility Requirements

  • All candidates must have been a member of the organization for at least one continuous year (meaning that they must meet the requirements for membership set by SFP for two continuous semesters).

  • A member must be in good standing with SFP in order to run for a board position.

  • Candidates for President and Vice President must also be current Executive Board members. In the event that no current board member chooses to run for the position, the faculty advisor will evaluate and determine who is eligible to run.

  • For the position of Health Education Program Chair, the candidates must have been a member of the Health Education Program for at least one year.

  • For the position of Social Outreach Program Chair, the candidates must have been a member of the Social Outreach Program for at least one year.

  • For the positions of Volunteer Chair, Physician Lecture Chair, Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, and Clinical Experience Chair, candidates must currently be committee members to run.

  • Candidates for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster need not current board members nor members of any committee.

  • Candidates must express an interest in a future career in medicine and also in the well-being and progress of the organization.

  • If no member meeting all qualifications to run for a specified position applies, the executive board will be allowed to determine eligible candidates through an interview process.

Section 4: Returning board members:

  • Current board members will be given first preference to their position without needing to run in elections so long as executive board concurs that the member has performed satisfactorily throughout the semester.

  • The President of SFP may not serve a term longer than 1 year. All other board members are eligible to retain their position for a maximum of 2 years if desired.

Section 5: New candidate selection:

  • Candidates interested in running for executive board must meet all eligibility requirements for their position.

  • All candidates must complete a personal statement and submit it to the Executive Board prior to the elections as designated by the Executive Board.

  • Each candidate is required to complete an interview with several existing members of the executive board, including the president, vice president, and the person who holds the position the applicant desires. The 2 most qualified candidates for each position (as is determined through the interview) will then be eligible to run in elections.

  • Should a candidate back out from elections after being interviewed, the board will choose the next most qualified candidate they interviewed to run in his/her place for elections.

  • Candidates may run for multiple positions, but may only be selected for one.

Section 6: Election process:

  • Elections will take place during a specified event towards the end of the Spring Semester. The election process will involve rolling elections. All ballots will be counted immediately after the election of one position, and the winner of each position will be announced immediately. The candidates who did not get the position are able to run for another position.

  • Ballots will be submitted electronically, with each student permitted to submit a maximum of 1 ballot.

  • Only current board members not participating in the elections shall count ballots. In the case that this is not possible, the votes will be counted by the members of the organization not running for a position, in the presence of the faculty advisor.

Section 7: If there is a tie, it shall be broken by the faculty advisor of the organization, based upon a ranking of anonymous personal statements. If the faculty advisor is unavailable to make this decision or declines to do so, the executive board members will assume the responsibility to decide.

Section 8: Absentee Votes – In the case of an extenuating circumstance where a member who wishes to participate in the elections is unable to attend the elections, the following criteria will be used for absentee votes:

  • The candidate(s) whom the member wishes to vote for must be listed.

  • The position(s) for which the member wishes to elect the candidate to must be listed with only one name per position.

  • Absentee votes must be submitted by a time specified by the Executive Board (no later than the end of the live elections).

    • PLEASE NOTE: Absentee votes will only be considered if the absentee contacts the President (or any impartial Executive Board member) prior to the elections.

Section 9: The newly elected officers will be notified and will be required to attend a transition meeting with all the officers of the previous year. The purpose of this meeting is to pass on all relevant information to the newly elected officers as well as answer any questions the officers may have.

Article VI: Committees

Section 1: The Fundraising, Clinical Experience, Volunteer, Social, and Physician Lecture Chairs will all operate with committees.

Section 2: Committee Chairs will be responsible for choosing their committee members from an applicant pool.

Section 3: Committee members may receive a up to a maximum of 2 credits for their participation in the committee during a given semester. The committee chair will be responsible for deciding the number of credits given to a committee member in a semester.

Section 4: The committee chair has the power to dismiss members from his/her committee due to inadequate participation or failure to comply with the responsibilities of being a committee member.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1: Meetings of this organization shall be held as the Executive Board sees fit.

Section 2: There will be several General Body Meetings throughout the course of the academic year meant to update all members as to the goings on of the organization and plan for future events. General Body Meeting times are to be flexible and considerate of the time commitments of organization members (i.e. two possible meetings in a given week, allowing members a convenient choice).

Section 3: The Executive Board shall set up events pertinent to the mission of this organization in which members may participate.

Section 4: The members of this organization shall be required to participate in at least four events per semester and all GBMs unless given prior excusal by the Executive Board (Article III, Section 4).

  • Probationary status is given to those who are missing 1 or 2 activities (GBMs and events). Those on probation will be required to make up those activities the following semester by completing additional events. If outstanding activities have not been made up by the following semester, the member is dropped.

  • If a member of the organization fails to complete three or more of the required activities in a semester, the member is dropped.

  • Members dropped because of failure to complete all required activities in a semester (or was dismissed after being on probation) may reapply after the duration of the semester.

  • Tracking of the number of activities that members have completed shall be conducted primarily by the Secretary of the organization.

Article VIII: Advisors

The advisor(s) of this organization shall be a full-time faculty and/or academic staff member of the Honors College at UIC.

Article IX: Handling of Funds

Section 1: The organization’s on-campus account(s) will be managed by the Treasurer and monitored by both the President and the Treasurer.

Section 2: The registration forms will indicate to University staff which officers are authorized to sign what types of documents concerning funds.

Section 3: All monies collected must be deposited into the organization’s account(s).

Section 4: The Treasurer is to keep a running record of all transactions with up-to-date account balance information.

Article X: Amendments and Revisions

Section 1: Outgoing Executive Board members shall review the constitution with the Incoming Executive Board members at the end of the academic year.

  • Amendments to the constitution can be made at this meeting by a majority vote of both Executive Boards. If there is a tie, the faculty advisor shall cast the deciding vote.

  • If no amendments are made at the time, the Constitution cannot be amended for one semester.

  • Upon agreement of the terms of the Constitution, both Presidents in the presence of both Executive Boards will sign a final document.

  • A final form of the Constitution shall be given to the faculty advisor after each semester.

Section 2: Amendments after one semester to the constitution may be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board. If there is a tie, the faculty advisor shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 3: The amendments, at the discretion of the Executive Board, shall be announced to the General Body members.

Section 4: The Secretary is responsible for initiating the creation and distribution of the new/changed document. The Campus Programs staff should receive a copy of the revised document.

Article XI: The Society of Future Physicians Alumni Association

At the end of each year, contact information for graduating seniors from The Society of Future Physicians will be obtained to continue The Society of Future Physicians Alumni Association. This information will be collected in a database and can be accessed by the current Executive Board Secretary to contact past members. Graduating seniors will not be required to give their information, this will remain their option. They will no longer be considered official members; however, they will have the option of remaining on the listserv and attending all Society of Future Physicians events.

Article XII

The Faculty Advisor of the organization shall hold all original copies of the Constitution for the record.

“We hereby approve of the terms set forth by this Constitution.”


Sofia Sobkiv and Rose Huang

Co-Presidents (2016-2017)

Date: 1/15/2017