SFP Executive Board 2016-2017

Co-President: Sofia Sobkiv

Hey there, future physicians! My name's Sofia, and I am a junior majoring in Biology. I am so excited to be working together with the rest of the board this upcoming year to help improve upon SFP's many successes. SFP has helped me so much in many different ways, and it is my goal for this organization to hopefully have a similar impact on each of you. Through SFP we aim to foster a supportive and educational environment for each of you to be able to shape your own unique pre-medical experience here at UIC. All that being said, know that we are always here to listen to your suggestions, questions, or concerns. Don't hesitate to reach out to me at ssobki2@uic.edu. Let's have a great year!

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Co-President: Rose Huang

Hi everyone! My name is Rose. I am a senior majoring in Biology and Statistics. I have learned a great deal about the medical and health profession through my involvement in SFP. As your co-president, I am very excited to work with Sofia and the rest of the e-board to improve upon the successes of SFP. This year, we want to make it easier for you to satisfy your requirements and gain valuable experiences by having various themes for each of our GBMs to be hosted by our different committees. We hope to help you make the best of your pre-medical experience here at UIC by offering a variety of lectures, social events, shadowing, and volunteering opportunities. Please do not hesitate to email me at dhuang25@uic.edu with any questions, concerns, or suggestions to make SFP even better. I look forward to a great year with all of you!

Secretary: Milan Patel

Hey everyone, my name is Milan Patel and I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences. As your secretary this year, I will be in charge of keeping tab of the club roster and membership requirements. Aside from that, I hope to help SFP run as smoothly as possible and ensure that everyone has a fantastic and eventful year! If anyone ever has any questions regarding SFP or anything pre-medicine in general, feel free to reach me at mpate96@uic.edu

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Treasurer: Pooja Patel

Hello future physicians! My name is Pooja B. Patel, and I am excited to serve as your treasurer! I am a junior majoring in biological sciences and minoring in psychology. I’m also in the GPPA Medicine program and a research assistant in the Department of Surgery. As treasurer, my goal is to ensure that SFP has more than enough money to hold fun and educational events that every member can benefit from and events that can benefit the community. I will allocate money to organize events and raise more scholarships for all of you! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas you have at ppate263@uic.edu.

Volunteer Chair: Arthi Krishna

Hey guys! My name is Arthi Krishna and I'm a junior majoring in Neuroscience and History. I've been a part of SFP for the past two years, and I've been involved with several committees and programs. As your Volunteer Chair I'm excited to bring you guys a wide range of volunteer events to both bring the SFP community together and to explore all that Chicago has to offer! My goal for this academic year is to bring together fun community volunteer along with hospital events to give you an all-rounded experience.

Webmaster: Adil Siddique

Hello returning members and newbies. I’m Adil, a third year neuroscience major. I’ve done research in the department of Anatomy Cell Biology at UIC, and currently do research in the Department of Surgery at UIC COM and primarily spend my time at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. I am very interested in degenerative diseases and have dedicated much of my research time to studying Alzheimers & Parkinson's disease. If anybody loves Neuroscience, make sure you contact me. Also, I will be serving as your Webmaster for this school year. I am very passionate about the technology age we live in, therefore I run my own blog - Daily Genesis and maintain SFP's social presence on the web. I hope to use my various experiences with SFP to make this year as interesting and exciting as possible with various opportunities available to you all. Feel feel to reach out to me with any ideas for the site or if you want to broadcast anything to the SFP community at asiddi42@uic.edu.

Social Outreach Program Chair: Joe Martino

Hey everybody! I am Joe Martino, a sophomore studying Biochemistry. Being on the Physician Lecture Committee and the Social Outreach Program, I'm happy to be running the Social Outreach Program this year! This year, we hope to create an app to help homeless people in Chicago find the resources they need, such as food, shelter, transportation, etc. If you have any questions about the Social Outreach Program or if you would like to join SOP, feel free to email me at jmart218@uic.edu.

Health Education Program: Saavan Patel

Hello future physicians! My name is Saavan Patel, and I am a third year pre-med student double majoring in biology and psychology. I was the committee head for the Health Education Program (HEP) last year, and am really looking forward to leading our committee again this year! Being a part of HEP is an extremely rewarding experience that will teach you important presentation skills all while educating the city's youth on important health topics. I hope to make this experience as engaging, and exciting as it has been for me, and I look forward to a great year ahead!

Social Chair: Joseph Davis

This will be my third year in SFP and I'm thrilled to see what it entails!! My major is neuroscience with an undecided minor of philosophy or physics. I am interested in trauma neurosurgery and pursuing a PhD/MD after undergrad. The brain was the first organ to name itself :)

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Clinical Volunteer Chair: Gelique Ayala

I am a junior studying neuroscience and philosophy. I work in a neurodegenerative lab and for uic ems. I was a member of SFP's social committee my freshman year. This year, my goal as the clinical experience chair is to provide members with a variety of internships and shadowing opportunities. I aim to further cultivate medical-related interests.

Physician Lecture Committee Chair: Atif Siddiqui

Hey everyone! My name's Atif Siddiqui and I'm a sophomore majoring in neuroscience! As lecture committee head I've got a ton of plans for this year! I'm planning on keeping the lectures focused on everything from the med school admission process and how to stand out, all the way to life as a practicing doctor and every step in between. I also plan to reach out to you guys more to see what you all are interested in and have lectures geared towards that as well! Of course I can't do it all by myself, so make sure you sign up for the lecture committee so we can make a difference together!

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Associate Dean & SFP Faculty Advisor: Stacie Williams

Dean Williams has been the faculty advisor of SFP for almost a decade. She has been working in the Honors College since 1992 after completing her degree in education.  She went on to complete her Master’s degree in teaching of mathematics in 1995.  She works with students throughout their entire time in the Honors College, beginning with admission, serving as an academic advisor, and coordinating the graduation convocation.  Dean Williams also works on planning Honors College courses, and maintaining student records.