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Topics we'd like to discuss with high school students:

Nutrition | Drugs | Sex Education | Mental Health

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the members of the Health Education Program? 
Members of HEP are undergraduate students of UIC who have a pre-professional goal of becoming a physician. It is a welcoming group to all members of SFP for those interested in making change in the community now, rather than later.

What is the Health Education Program and how can I get involved? 
The Health Education Program began in April 2011 when a few members got together to create and plan informative health presentations about topics that they felt were not reached in nearby high schools. The program was made to reach out to local high schools and give presentations on topics such as nutrition, drugs, and sex education using a peer method rather than the typical lecture setting. If you are an SFP member thinking about joining HEP, please check the calendar for regular HEP meetings, or contact the Activities Chair to receive HEP e-mails directly. If you belong to the Chicago high school community near UIC and want to know more and/or want to set up dates and times to have the Health Education Program come to your school, please e-mail the Activities Chair.

How many people go together to the school, and do you work in a classroom setting? 
The average people who go together will most likely be three people, but it depends on your schedule. Students may choose to go by themselves if they are comfortable with the material. We have worked in typical classroom settings, but we are open to different formats depending on the school's preference.

How many times do I have to go to the school, and how long are the presentations? 
You required to present twice and observe a presentation once, but it is highly encouraged for you to volunteer any times you can attend. Each presentation is about 35-40 minutes. It is recommended to give the Activities Chair any 2-3 hour time blocks so that there is sufficient time for commuting to the high school.

What are the benefits of the Health Education Program?
We believe students in secondary schools would benefit immensely from our informative presentations on health-related topics because students tend to lack this information from a normal high school health class setting. The advantage of having a peer give information about topics such as drugs, nutrition, and sex is that it is more likely to be taken into consideration from a student than someone of higher, authoritative figure whom is traditionally teaching the student. SFP members get to work on their public-speaking skills, work with a team, conduct research for materials, and have fun! In addition, members who complete the training requirements and attend their assigned time to go to the school will be awarded all SFP requirements, not including general body meetings.