Welcome to the Social Outreach Program Resource Page! Please email Navika Shukla if you have any questions: nshukl3@uic.edu


Social Outreach Program Meeting Wednesday (9/18/15) at 4:00pm: Consider joining SFP's Social Outreach Program (SOP) where we spend the year developing a hands-on project to address a local health issue! In the past, our projects have included a web application to help community college students acquire healthcare and a website to help homeless youth find the resources they need. Future projects do not have to be web-based and can address any local health-related issue. Any and all SFP members are welcome, and joining SOP will cover all of your SFP required credits with the exception of GBMs! If interested, please email Navika Shukla at nshukl3@uic.edu. Our first meeting will be at 4:00 pm on September 18th in the Burnham Hall Quiet Study Lounge. If you cannot attend, but are interested, let Navika know. Hope to see you there!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Social Outreach Program and how can I get involved? 
The Social Outreach Program is a new program of SFP that falls under HAC. What SOP does is take on outreach project that addresses an important issue related to the world medicine and from there, organize and execute a plan to complete that project. The current project SOP is working on pertains to the ACA (affordable care act). This is a paradigm shifting piece of legislature that will change healthcare as we know it. There is currently a prototype of the ACA in place in Cook County known as CountyCare, so we are in a great location to take on this project.  A key component to having this legislature be financially successful is to get healthy uninsured young adults to sign up. While the act is very beneficial to this group of people, they are still a particularly difficult group to get to sign up for healthcare. With this in mind, it is our goal to develop an effective method to increase the amount of people from this group who sign up for the ACA. One of the best places to find this group of people is at community colleges, so that is where we will be targeting our efforts. SFP members thinking about joining SOP, please check the calendar for SOP meetings, or contact the Program Chair (clange5@uic.edu) to receive SOP e-mails directly.

What exactly will I be doing? 
Well given the experimental nature of this program, there will a number of different “jobs” available throughout the program which may shift and change throughout the course of the year. This can be anything from leading a focus group to even helping design a webpage to implement onto community college websites. The time commitment involved in these jobs can vary greatly as well. I think it is important to note though, that there will be a limited amount of space on the program, so we are looking for dedicated individuals.

What are the benefits of the Social Outreach Program? 
Well aside from the benefits that community college students will gain from more readily available information, there is also a benefit to those who join. The medical world is changing; having a good understanding of the policy surrounding medicine could really make you stand out in an interview. The ACA is going to be a big part of your career as a physician. As such, it’s good to have an understanding of it. In addition to this, this program will provide you with great hands on experience. SOP will exercise your creativity and problem solving skills on a real world application, now that’s what is really exciting. What you do in SOP can have an impact in community.